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Wildlife Volunteer Projects

Whether you are planning a gap year, looking for an exciting internship for your study, have taken a sabbatical from work or just want to have a holiday with a difference, Kameleon can help you!

We offer volunteer placements on hugely valuable conservation projects in South Africa where your support will be much appreciated for the ongoing nature and wildlife conservation and community upliftment efforts. Each project has been handpicked by us for the quality of the educational program, the passion of the teams and their dedication to conservation and wildlife.

We proudly present to you various exciting projects in the Limpopo Provence, in close proximity of the Kruger National Park:


Experience a unique work & wildlife viewing experience in the heart of the South African bush, while being an active member of the reserve & wildlife management team!

The Wilderness Conservation Programme is based on a private game reserve in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Surrounded by 25,000ha of natural African bush, preserving this beautiful area takes work and dedication from the full-time management and conservation team. Whether it be for the restoration of damaged soil or the monitoring of the species who call the reserve home, this project needs enthusiastic, like-minded conservationists to assist in achieving their goal as a benchmark wilderness reserve. Encounter elephant, lion, rhino, cheetah, leopard, zebra, giraffe and many other animals!

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Imagine horses... Africa... wildlife... combine those and you have one amazing project!

You will expand your knowledge about working with horses and improve your riding skills, as well as spend time in the bush acquiring knowledge about South African wildlife. Take the horses for a swim in the dam, go on a game drive to see lion and elephant, sit around the campfire and listen to the African night sounds…and sooo much more.

You’ll get to experience the beauty of South Africa and live your African Dream!

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When humans and wildlife share the same area, problems are often bound to happen. Unfortunately it is often the wildlife that has to suffer the consequences. Monkeys in the orchard, caracal and jackal catching lambs on the farmers land, people still keeping baby monkeys as pets, while it is common knowledge that wild animal species do not make good household pets.
This centre was founded to provide a temporary sanctuary for these 'problem animals' and 'pets', where they are rehabilitated and released back into their natural habitat.
Volunteers are involved in all aspects of running a rehabilitation centre. Besides feeding animals, cleaning cages and working hands on with the animals, volunteers help with maintenance, building of new enclosures, planting and harvesting vegetables, medical care of animals and the release of a troop of monkeys (when planned).

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This project is part of the Balule Nature Reserve, a 60,000 hectare Big 5 reserve with open borders to Kruger National Park making it part of the Greater Kruger National Park. It is an open system where game is allowed to wander freely. You just cannot explain how amazing is to see your first wild giraffe, zebra, impala and even elephant or lion and believe us, the fact that you are usually on foot when encountering these animals in their natural habitat does greatly contribute to this mindblowing experience...
The aim of this project is to give you an introduction to all aspects of game farm management. Not for nothing their motto is 'Conservation Through Education'! You will be studying ecology, conservation and wildlife specific to the owning and running of a game farm through a structured lecture program combined with a practical approach.
This project also offers you the opportunity to visit as many of the stunning excursions in the are as you can fit in. Really, they are not to be missed!

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Always wondered what it is like, working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre in Africa? Well, here is your chance!
Injured and/or orphaned animals are cared for at this safe haven. Once healthy enough they are re-introduced into their natural environment. Those creatures who cannot be returned to the wild due to the nature and extent of their injuries have found a permanent home at the centre and are ambassadors for their species; giving the public the opportunity to get an 'up close and personal' experience of these incredible creatures and an insight into the problems these species are facing in the wild.
As a volunteer you will be involved with all the aspects of working at a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

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The thought of spending any time with reptiles and snakes isn't everyone's cup of tea, but spend the smallest amount of time with the curators at this world-renowned park and you can't help but be swept away with their enthusiasm and passion for all things scaly!
Over the last twenty years, the reptile park has made a very valuable contribution to conservation by saving and rehabilitating snakes, but most of all by educating local and international visitors and inhabitants of the area in the important role of snakes in the delicate ecosystem.
Volunteers enjoy a very active participation in the daily events at the park with no two days ever being the same. There is a daily routine that has to be followed with the feeding of certain animals and there is usually a plan and a list of jobs that need doing, but reptiles don't have any idea of these plans and you may have to drop everything (drop possibly isn't the right word to use here!) and rush out in response to a 'Snake Call' or to help spot baby Puff Adders in the grass of the demonstration pit!

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Lions, up close and personal! Seeing a pride of lions in their natural habitat is amazing, but to study them closely, getting to know them and hearing them roar during the night, is the experience of a life time. The information gained from the research and monitoring is used to maintain a healty ecosystem and restore this reserve to its original state. The information is obtained through an intensive predator and wildlife monitoring program, which offers volunteers an incredible opportunity to learn about and contribute to conservation in one of the most diverse wildlife sanctuaries in South Africa. Why watch a nature documentary if you can experience real life in the bush?

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Would you like to get hands-on experience with injured and orphaned wild animals whilst educating local underprivileged children, perhaps giving both of them a brighter future? At the Wildlife Orphanage / Community Project, this is exactly what you can do!
The mission of the project is to educate local underprivileged children to care for their environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage. Your help will make a huge difference in aiding conservation and animal welfare, teaching local underprivileged children and building bridges between local and international people. All in all you will be participating to a worthy cause and having a fantastic experience in one!

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It is possible to fit 2 or more projects into your travel programme. Just about anything is possible, so contact us with any queries you may have. We're happy to assist you!