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Going to one (or more!) of our wildlife projects for your holiday or a general break away is wonderful in itself, however, it is possible for us to make the experience even more intense and worthwhile for you! How? By using your stay at the project as an internship for your study! The basics of your experience will be the same as when going as a volunteer, but of course your school, college or university also has demands that we will need to attend to, not forgetting the special wishes and requests you may have yourself! Together with the project leaders we can help tailor your stay to meet your study needs. Obviously, not everything is possible, but contact us with your plan and questions, and we will be more than happy to put our heads together with our project leaders and look into the possibilities!

In principle the rates remain similar to going on to the projects as a volunteer, however, as an intern the program would be structured around the demands of your course and your wishes. Depending on your course and the flexibility of your college or uni, we think you could be looking at a stay from a couple of weeks to six months, although even internships of a year belong to the many options that we can offer you. So whether you are a student in veterinary sciences, biology, wildlife management, animal care or psychology, photography, sociology, agricultural planning, ...... together we can create a wonderful internship in the African bush for you!