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Excursions available at the Private Game Farm

by Mellius Brouwer

To get an idea of the excursions you can do in the area while staying at the Private Game Farm, I have written down my own experiences below.

Monday: We did a bush walk. Very interesting! Even though you don't always encounter animals during the walks, you learn so much, getting familiar with the tracks and droppings, for example, of various animals. Today we saw about 15 giraffe, some wildebeest and zebra all in the same spot. Two male giraffe were fighting, using their long necks to scare off and injure each other. Later on we went to town to do our shopping.

Tuesday: In the morning we did the boat trip in the Blyde River Canyon. There's a lake with crocs and hippos. In the afternoon nine of us did a game drive with a field guide. We came across an elephant carcass covered by vultures. Quite a sight that was! Further along we saw a pride of 19 lions, we had them 2 meters from the vehicle !!! It was awesome to see the lions interact with each other.

Wednesday: We went on a day trip to the Kruger National Park. This was brilliant! Besides the more common wildlife, we were fortunate enough to see a leopard and two white rhino. For sundowners we had champagne, to celebrate this fantastic day. At night we had a small party at a guesthouse we were staying.

Thursday: Today was about sight seeing. The Panorama Route takes you along the edge of the Drakensberg Mountains (Northern part) with stunning views over the mountain range, waterfalls, cliffs and beautiful subtropical vegetation. Absolutely breathtaking! I did the Big Swing, which is sort of a bungee jump (but in a harness) 70m down a cliff. What a great feeling!

Friday: Manoutsa hike. We were dropped off at the top of the mountains and hiked down along streams and waterfalls in a beautiful forest with caves. Wonderful experience! As every Friday night (for those of us with a nocturnal inclination) we went to the local bush pub to celebrate yet another awesome day.

Mellius Brouwer
The Netherlands