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Wilderness Conservation Programme

by Hans Vermeij

Via Kameleon Adventures we found out about the Wilderness Conservation Programme. To start of with, the preparation and information we received from Linda (Kameleon) was outstanding. It is great to have someone assist you with everything, from answering the first question to help with the booking and travel arrangements. I was also nice to know she lives near the project and is available to offer assistance if needed.

Working at the Wilderness Conservation Programme was truely awesome. There is so much to see, experience, learn and enjoy, each day was filled to the max!
The balance between work / observation-research / relaxation is great. Life in the bush!
One of the things we really enjoyed was just the tranquility and peace, no traffic or any other unnatural noises. Just you and the bush sounds, a lion roaring (which, if the lion is close by, is rather impressive), a cricket in the room, the orchestra of the tree frogs and birds, and the barking of the baboons...

By working at this project, you really contribute in bringing the reserve back to its original state, as it was before modern civilization. By spending a vast amount of time in the bush, whether it be working or observing wildlife you greatly contribute towards nature conservation.
The accommodation is very nice and comfortable and the project leaders are very knowledgable and professional. We had a fantastic time out there in the bush with their guidance.

Hans en Jannemieke Vermeij
The Netherlands